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You successfully completed your Mission.!

40 50 years of being "less than" second-class citizens.  We were encouraged to never speak of our experiences, never being proud of our commitments and service, and even our family's sacrifices and support was never made public.  That takes a huge toll on a person's psyche on how they feel about themselves.
The DOD (Department of Defense) has proclaimed:

"Hagel: Suicide Prevention Means Watching Out for Each Other

DoDNews, Defense Media Activity

WASHINGTON,Sept. 2, 2014 Watching out for each other every day is a collective responsibility for the Defense Department's military and civilian workforce,Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said  in a message marking DoD's observance of Suicide Prevention Month.

Here is the text of the secretary's message:

To the men and women of the Department of Defense:

Preventing military suicide is one of DoD's highest priorities, and something I'm personally committed to as Secretary of Defense. As we observe Suicide Prevention Month, we must rededicate ourselves to actively working not only every month, but every day to fulfill our collective responsibility to watch out for each other and take care of each other."

The plight of the Vietnam Vet, with homelessness and the suicide rate could use a little different approach.  How about helping the Vietnam Vet begin to  believe that their sacrifice, their families sacrifice, and the Gold Star Families unbelievable sacrifices are not in Vane. 
THE VIETNAM ERA VETERAN is a winner, their service and sacrifice was a success.  If not for only 832 days. 
You successfully completed your Mission.!

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  2. Place your email on the list in support.  That will give us support so we can go to our government representatives and ask they support to ad the "Winning of the Vietnam War" as a significant part of the National Recognition of the Vietnam Veteran Day.
  3. Support by Donating to VV Day's efforts to inform every Vietnam Era Veteran the Truth about the ending of the Vietnam War.
It is time we, all Vietnam Vets, start holding our heads up, walk with a new mission of purpose, confidence, determination, passion, and love of country, BECAUSE WE ARE WINNERS.

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