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Help your Battle Brothers NOW as you did back then. 

Every One of us who served in the Vietnam War carry hidden scars from the actions of conflict.  Those scars we deal with every day.  We just focus on our mission of today and “CarryOn” in this new mission of being the best we can be.  

We do this because of the scars, invisible missions, unattainable drive, and unfulfilled dreams of the men and women’s names that are eternally etched in each one of our minds as well as on the dark granite wall of the Vietnam War Memorial.  Those names do not have the capability to, dream, do, achieve, or live their lives because their last breath was drawn in their sacrifice to our great nation.
Receive up to 100 Cards FREE.
Some of our Battle Brothers are still fighting the war. They have physical wounds constant reminder of their sacrifice and some Battle Brothers still fighting the physiological war.  They just can’t shake the memories of battle or the constant fear. 

The most unbelievable fight, some Vietnam Vets are still waging, is one that should never have been a fight n the first place.  The fight of being treated like second-class citizen, murderer, or some evil person because we did what we were told. 

It is all these fights that make a person to, NOT believe in themselves, question everything, turn to drugs, loose families, loose jobs, and develop a feeling of worthlessness.

We were NOT told that we had won the Vietnam War, but the TRUTH is that WE DID WIN THE VIETNAM WAR.  We were told to, hide the fact of sacrifice,hang our heads in shame, and keep it quiet and not speak of it again.  This psychological fight is not winnable.  This psychological fight caused as much damage to a person as being wounded by a Viet-Cong bullet or a punji stick or a B40 rocket. 

Please help every Vietnam Veteran you know, and/or meet, understand that their sacrifice was a winning effort because they, the US Military machine, WON THE WAR.

Give them a CARD OF ENCOURAGEMENT and let them check it out on their own and they will begin to understand that WE DID WIN THE VIETNAM WAR.  They are winners. 

An American Amnesia

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